I clearly feel a split between my mind and my heart

I clearly feel a split between my mind and my heart.
Do you feel the same?

Difficult To Say … ,

If Someone Was Curious and Slightly Lost With Such a Thot , How Would You Explain To Them Within Fashionable Details , How Would You Describe Such a Statement As ,

Meaning How Would You Paint a Picture For Them , To Be Able To Understand … ,

Completely … ,

and Perhaps Run Within That Atmosphere For a Safe and Lasting T(Y)me …

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There are times when my mind and my heart argue… it’s not logical… but I’m more of a follow the heart sort of person…

What upsets me is when I can feel the fight between my mind… and my brain…

My mind want’s to be logical… my mind wants to make sense of my life and keep up with the world… my mind wants to keep perceptions in order.

the 3 pound hunk of tissue in my skull with it’s faulty wiring and messed up chemicals however want’s to short circuit and bounce around and not work right.

constant fight between the mind and the brain.


Thanks A lot A-Hole … ,

My head Jus Got Heavy … ,

EW .