I can't deal anymore

No did clozapine make your voices go away?

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I’m lucky. I don’t hear voices. But clozapine is the gold standard for making voices go away.


Oh ok I might try that or invega


Wait if you don’t hear voices why are you in the bed on a daily?

You just believe your trapped with these voice’s in your head, that’s why you feel suicidal. But there’s hope, you can get rid of the voice’s & all schizophrenic issues for good. I did, so you can.

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Consider Amyloban 3399 if you feel like you’ve exhausted other options. It helped to quiet my voices 99%, as well as a handful of other people’s.

Amyloban I’ve tried

Have you tried Latuda?

No clozapine probably will be my next med or invega


I’ve got to force myself out of bed most days. Maybe a med adjustment in so will help. My voices are slowly going away. So there’s hope for you yet!


I don’t have voices but I hear talking, like someone e just out of ear shot and lots of sounds. Doors slamming, knocking, walking on the porch, humming, clearing of throats. Invega makes it go away. I have a lot of internal voices.

I think you might need some one on one therapy. What are your options for that?

Clozapine sounds great but I’m ok. They go away when I sniff! @ZombieMombie sounds like it would always be pushing you up too far with irritations. I’m sorry @Grapes that you are pushed so far, but you sound relieved for the moment. Are you alone a lot? Do you have any other interests or distractions? Mine can get a little heavy and I can get a little psychotic. But the man upstairs has provided for me. Can you curse the voices and get mad and push them away? They do get a little close don’t they.

You get too close to actually. I could curse them out but that wouldn’t do much but probably make things worse. I hope that invega shot it works. I mostly just stay in my room all day and lay in bed. but I hope to get some energy to maybe go back to work. I just got a new apartment don’t know if I can stay there as I live with my mom for night right now. Staying in apartment by myself is kinda frighting.

I do one on one therapy with a counselor

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I dont really hear voices, and there never seems to be a pattern to why/when i do hear voices. You don’t need to hear voices to feel exhausted mentally and just stare at a wall/stay in bed.

But i think @everhopeful was spot on. If you’re voices and quality of life are suffering you need a med change, probably clozaril is a good idea.

Usually you need to be in hospital to get onto clozaril. Also if the suicidal ideation worsens you should consider hospitalization as its important you stay safe. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, i really think you should call your pdoc/see him as soon as you can.


I guess you don’t need to hear voices to be depressed. Just seems to me voices are way worse. The worst I’ve ever felt with. If only I knew I’d be hearing voices the times I were depressed don’t seem so bad.

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Remember the crisis lines. They can be a big help at two in the morning.

If you hear voices and are suicidal it seems like you aren’t on the right meds. My Haldol makes my positive symptoms go away. I wish you luck…

I would not live on my own right now if I were you, the fact that you still hear voices and are suicidal are big issues of you dont have a support network (or just one person) to help you if you get too far gone. You should contact your pdoc asap and get a med change, probably to clozapine like @everhopeful suggested.

Im sorry you feel this way right now, but it will get better! Hang in there, and were here if you need us!