I cannot be a Mental Health Nurse

The University is fine with my convictions that were 16 years ago when I was under 18 and all this happened.

However, they cannot guarantee me that I can get on the Nursing Register, as they will make their own judgement as to whether I am fit and suitable to deal with vulnerable people.

With this in mind, I cannot proceed with this uncertainty, and I am not going to do a three year course and rack up £69,000 worth of student debt if some registrar somewhere doesn’t like me


Why dont you try a different career? There is surely something you would be interested in.

Some food for thought.

Well you are probably right that it’s not worth the risk. However, I spoke to a lawyer and he said that a person he went to law school with a man who had committed manslaughter. So for law school anyways, it is perfectly possible to become a lawyer even with a manslaughter charge.

I thought the whole picture of my past would have been very useful, as going from a car crash life to responsible and somewhat productive existence over a period of many years.

As far as I am concerned, there needs to be more work done by the NMC and the University if I am to commit to such a path.

Shame, I felt I had some valuable insight to offer that would actually help other people.

These things can work out for the best in the long run. You’ll find something else.

I cannot retrain for any other career at University as I would be unable to get finance to cover the course fees unless it’s medical or teaching - which because of my past have big question marks.

Unfortunately careers are asking for experience in things that I do not have.

I really don’t want to have to start off in an entry level position again, and wait another 6 years for the salary to be livable

I am broken over this as this was my main wish to become a Nurse. I would have been proud to do that job

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I am clueless now.

I am speaking to an employment specialist who works for the NHS Trust on Monday

She is going to have her work cut out for her

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@Joker There are quite a few people with lived experience working in the mental health field . Perhaps working as a mental health nurse is out of the question, but there are other ways you can contribute within the mental health field , as a bright person with lived experience .

I hope so @firemonkey I really want to work for the NHS and put my labour to good use, as working in the private sector isn’t for me anymore.

It’s just everything is up in the air at the moment, and I have no idea what I am going to do next now I have no job and signed off sick for god knows how long

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there are peer workers for people with mental health too in the nhs, i know of someone who did that and they really appreciated that she had mental health experience. however, i don’t know how common job posts are in that field

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I wish my OD had worked now. That’s how I feel about things right now. I am pretty upset, agitated and angry at the situation. The anger is that how can I be expected to be held by convictions that took place when I was 16 years old

They are not holding you back from becoming a mental health nurse. What was said was that it is up to the Nursing Register. As I said, even someone who committed manslaughter can become a lawyer. You might want to consult with a lawyer about writing some sort of letter, etc. I honestly don’t think a juvenile record from that long ago would be counted against you, especially if you have letters of recommendation.

I’m sorry about this. It stinks. Have you thought about another line of work that helps peope? I’m going to school for social work, and too he honest they like and appreciate my eccentricities. I plan on being a patient advocate after my bachelors and while I’m going for my masters.

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I can’t afford a lawyer.

I can’t rely on recommendations.

If I am going to do this I need to be absolutely certain that I will be able to register, which is not the case

This exercise has proved I can’t work with vulnerable people

General nursing pays good too. Have you thought of this? I know a mental health nurse. He’s a mate of mine and we can talk shop but it’s a very high stressed and violent stream of nursing. He had numerous issues and he’s totally out of the field now…

I know it seems like you’d have some understanding but in reality your dealing with people burned out on meth and other such folk…All’s I’m saying. Normal nursing has a lot of fields and although a lot use shift work which is hard on meds…it pays well.

I now have a list of things I cannot do, and nursing is one of them.

My record from a child is putting up barriers for me.

If only I knew the damage I was doing back then


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If our experiences are unique, someone with lived experience is simply telling their own particular story to me which may very well have nothing to do with me. If our experiences are not unique, the helpful common denominator is to be found by studying larger amounts of cases. This can be done just as well with or without the researcher having had these experiences him or herself.