I can’t post. Are there moderators on this board

He durbebdoe even end d

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The moderators are @rogueone @Bowens @anon4362788 @Moonbeam @Ninjastar

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How do I contact them?

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I @ them so they will get a notice. Someone will be here soon.just be patient.

@rogueone should be up since he’s in Australia.

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Rogueone should be in bed, it’s 12.30 am here in Oz.

I don’t understand. You posted here. What seems to be the problem? @anon37718537

Is it 12:30am in Australia? I didn’t know that. But then again there are 2-3 time zones in Australia? yes/no? Perth. Darwin. Melbourne. Sydney. Brisbane. Canberra.

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That is true yinyang, it is 12.15a.m in Queensland where rogueone lives.

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…We all know @rogueone is off on a quest somewhere spreading the good word of Vegemite while wielding his mighty cricket bat and jamming out to some Aussie rock.

:sweat_smile: :call_me_hand:


Guys, stop derailing so I can figure out how to help them.

Do you want help??

New user with daily limit?

That’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to know of they were getting the limit message or couldn’t post at all.

@anon37718537 since you are a new user, if you can only post a few times, it’s because of the new user post limit. It doesn’t take long to be promoted to full member, just post on different topics and join the conversation. Shortly, the post limit will be lifted by the software.

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Ok. Ty


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