I can lay down without taking a nap

Sometimes I just like to lay down my body. It helps me think. No pills needed.


Do you interact on here?

I’ve never seen you since today

I am new. My mom told me to find a forum to express myself and talk with others with sz. I like it!


Not the right attitude for starts

People don’t even know if you’re legit

Legit like do you want to do a back ground check? How would you presume I prove my legitity? Is my name? I started this in an episode so I made a guy know because I was being watched so now i hace no clue how to change my name to Jadey Jade. What if they find me?! I go by Jadey (boyfriends) call me that and Jade thats my reiki master name.

Do you want your name changed to JadeyJade? I can do that for you.

Also, I edited out your real name. We value anonymity on this forum, since schizophrenia is such a heavily stigmatized illness.
Volunteer moderator

Yes thanks so much!

Seriously I’ve never seen a woman as messed up as you

And you never even mentioned sz

You can not tell Im sz?

Daze, please try to be welcoming to our new members. If you see anything that you think requires extra attention, flag it and I will take care of it for you. But if you antagonize people, I will have to moderate you as well.

There you go, @JadeyJade! Do you want a subtitle to go along with your new name?

huh? ok blind allegiance

I once was true to my country

you suck, go away.

You don’t see the gist of anything.

Smoking a cigarette.

Take a break, @Daze.