I bought a kalimba

Now I’m going to teach myself to play. Just messing around with it sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to actually learn a song or two. My thumbs are getting sore though. I guess I’ll build up callouses just like you do with guitar.


Looks cool. I want to play it aswell lol


it is so cool, and rewarding to play

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I Have to Be Honest.

I Have No Idea What That Mystical Looking Thing is.

But I Want to Play it.


Ugh (!!!).

I Mean I Jus Bought a Keyboard (good one too) Like a Month Ago,

Don’t Get Me Wrong, It’s Very Fun to Play, And You Can Even Record One Track And Play Over it With Another. And it Almost Seems Well Suited That Way With That Keyboard…,

But I Wanna Make WITCH HOUSE Music Now…,

And That Thing Looks Like it Could Do The Trick…,

Please Mail it to Me…,


I’ll Buy You Some French Fries (!!!)… . …

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Right now with how sore my thumbs are I will trade the French fries. No seriously you can get them for $20 on Amazon. Go treat yourself. They are so much fun. And they sound great even for someone who has no clue what they’re doing. It kind of reminds me of windchimes in a way. Very cool. Get one!!!

You Might Be Interested in Thus Odd Thing Thus Woman is Playing…,

(by) (the) (way),

Thus Song She Covering is One of My Personal Favorites Right Now…,

Check That One Out When You Get The Chance…,

And I Can’t Pick Up That Instrument You’re Showing Right Now, My Life is So Freaking Complicated That I Got to Keep Focus On What I’m Completely Familiar With, or I’ll Jus Step Into a Corner And Never Move Again…,

But it LOOKS Very Fun to Mess With… . …

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Oh yea, I love Dire Straits. That was cool.

Glad You Like The Video Yo!.,

In The Last Few Years I have Had No Real Access to The Internet So, Almost Out of Desperation I Bought a Little C.d. Player Radio. During My Stay at One of The First Living Facilities I’ve Been Too…,

N e Hoo,

I Scanned The Radio One Day And Found a Local Classic Station, And as Time Would Edge Forward, Everytime i heard The Two Songs by The Dire Straits They Would Play On The Classic Station, My Ears Would Perk Up…,

Over Time They Became My Favorite Songs of All Time…,

So Without a Home.

No Family.

No Friends.

No Access to Society.

My Therapist and Me.

And an Adopted Pup Named ACE.

aaaaaAAAAnd About Thirteen Wild Cats.

Well it Wasn’t So Bad…,

It Ended Horribly Though…,

And Here I Am…,

Also Off Topic Completely…,

My Bad Yo,

Kinda Letting You Know, Be Thankful With Whatcha Got,

Jus in Case Something Tries to Bring You Down…,

Could Be Worse…,

Peace Be Unto You… . …

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That’s very cool, I hope it brings you much pleasure.

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Cool! Hope enjoy it.

I dabble in the Jaw Harp. Good fun.


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Awesomeness! :smiley: Hope you enjoy playing. I’ve never played an instrument but the harp intrigues me.

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All’s I can say is cool. Hope you have uber fun with it all. Very cool in my book.

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