I believe that only God can help me at this point

Im tired of the tv, radio, and the people around me criticizing me and watching me. I dont want to believe there is a camera injected inside of me but i cant stop hearing people talking bad about me. If this is all a part of my illness i believe that only God can help me. I just want this delusion to go away or for the camera to go away.

im not sure if this topic is “supported”. I think you have something going on regardless…you got 2 kidz I noticed. im not sure of your condition but you shouldn’t feel too bad.

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  1. Medications as directed.
  2. Share everything with doctors and follow treatment advice.
  3. Seek out therapy.
  4. Keep reminding yourself that you’re not being surveilled, it’s just the illness.

Many other schizophrenics have similar symptoms. I don’t know if god has ever cured a schizophrenic, I’m putting all my faith in what is proven to work right here on earth. And that would be medication. There’s no overnight recovery, recovery can be a slow process but a lot of people do improve eventually. If you can just ride out the storm of psychosis until things get better.


It seems like when you reach the point when only God. can help you, maybe that’s when you start helping yourself


Good piece of wisdom pob

Hang in there @anon21836947! I know it’s tough. I have delusions about cameras and microchips, but these have reduced with the right medication. Please talk to your pdoc or your case manager as soon as you can. Hopefully you’ll get a review and they can help you back onto the road of recovery. Don’t rely on god, rely on yourself. You can do this! Hang in there.

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God help you.151515

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@anon21836947, Please seek out a psychiatrist. You need to see a pdoc. You have an illness called schizophrenia or schizoaffective probably. I can’t diagnose you but you might have one of these illnesses. Please see a doctor really soon. You and your children’s safety is at stake. If you have to present yourself at a hospital E.R., do it. Please. They can treat you there. Gd bless.


You have almost the same issue as mine. I avoided tv, radio, online news and most forums because of this self referential thinking, and the worst part is, my fears are true to an extent. Do hang in there. May god help you.

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TV triggers me really bad

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Some believe Everything is in God’s hands

if it helps you to talk to God, do it.

This must be a very persistent thing, cuz

it’s the only thing you talk about on here

you could get an MRI with contrast

and try to prove to yourself there’s nothing there

if people are after you or watching you, they don’t need an implant

Theres famous saying…

" when u pray to god u a Christian, when he talks back to you, u schizophrenic "


Yeah, he talks back, so I am schizophrenic. Lol


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