I asked him to meet my mum and said I'm not hearing no

:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: I hope he responds by not ditching me. It’s been almost 10 friggin months of dating it’s about time.


Tell your beau to man-up and meet your mother.

Ask yourself…do you really want to settle down with someone who doesn’t have the guts to meet your family?

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I said I’m putting my foot down and its about time. Of course I’m joking in terms of how I said it but I’m also serious as I want him to meet her.

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@anon80629714, The more important question is, have you met any of his family yet? If you haven’t, he might be too ashamed of you to show you off to his family. Just my guess. Along the same vein, have you met any of his friends?

Only he knows what’s in his mind. :flushed:

My sis lives with her man for 14 years now. My sis doesnt was to show him her mom.

Why will he not meet your parents? The subject has got to have come up in a conversation between both of you guys before. What’s his reason?

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