I am strong

I am strong
For those of you
Who think I’m weak
Because I need help
Because I cry
Because it looks like
I can’t keep my ■■■■ together
I am strong
Every day
I fight demons
That live inside me
Every day
I slay monsters
That no one else
Can see
Every day
I go out in a world
That appears in prisms
Confusing and cold
Every day
I push my limits
To see how far
I can go
What I can achieve
With little resources
So before you
Call me weak
Know I am so strong
Every day
I keep myself breathing
That is enough.


God make me stronger …!!!


I love this <3 so true

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I like all your poems @FatMama. They really tell it like it is.

Thank you :blush:. 151515