I am so sorry I tried to drive this morning!

I decided to try to go grocery shopping as I’ve been up since 4. The roads are terrible! I should have known the kids have a two hour delay and all. I made it to the end of the road, turned around and came back, will try again later. I was scared and am scared of snow driving. Need to get over it according to my husband if I ever want to be employed. HOw are you fairing with the winter weather? desimb

I’m here in Washington state and we have no snow. We had some snow back in 2008, that was the last real snow we’ve had. For us in the winter… Thick thick fog. It’s a bit of a trip to try and drive in fog that thick.

I’ve been seeing you guys get slammed back east again and again. Good luck out there. I hope it gets easier for you. Stay safe and warm.

I grew up high in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. LOTS of snow there in the winter. That’s also where I first started driving.

My dad was a truck driver and mechanic, and would always buy a set of snow tires for our vehicles. They make a HUGE difference. Better traction and maneuverability.

It’s a little bit of a hassle changing tires out every winter, but it’s definitely worth it!



I live in Florida…but it is in the low 40’s right now…


floods in the uk atm. had to cancel a family dinner because of it. we don’t get much snow luckily.

It’s clear and sunny here, no rain last year but a couple days, and we are headed for trouble if this continues. It’s 53 degrees inside my house right now-brrrrr

Drive slow and careful. Don’t let any other cars rush you. It doesn’t snow here but when winter comes and it rains there are many accidents from people who don’t adjust their driving to the conditions of the road. They want to drive fast and get too close to other drivers . So those are all the spin-outs and rear end collisions. Drive slowly and methodically.