I am so hungry 🍅 🥔


I am making romano beans in my slow cooker in olive oil, grated onion, tomato paste and salt and garlic.


I hope it turns out well.

I already soaked them in water overnight.

I asked my bf to bring Halloumi cheese with him. I’ll chop some cheese, onions, pickles and olives :smiley:

How do you eat beans if you do?


You just eat them out the can lol. Easiest method


I boil up a pot of brown rice, which I season heavily with butter and salt. Then I open up a can of black beans and mix them in. It’s a new dish for me, and it seems to be working out. I get about 2 or 3 meals from a single pot, and I’ve made about 4 or 5 pots so far, and I still have a lot of brown rice.


ah disaster.

The beans are still raw. they are on high heat for two hours already.

I hope they start softening in one hour. :frowning: it is already 5 pm

I think your meal will be very tasty!!! :yum:

I’m not a very good cook but I make very healthy meals. The only problem is that it doesn’t taste so good…

To answer your question, I very rarely eat beans…

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Can I ask you a question?

You just said that it is already 5 pm. How is it possible that it is also 5 pm here in Québec city and you live in Calgary? Am I numb or what? :thinking:

actually I live in USA but I do not have to tell anyone my location.

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And it’s your right! There are some informations about me I also don’t want to tell.

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beans need to boil at least 3 hours when raw…I always just buy canned beans…much faster.

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I cooked the beans in high heat with a huge pot of water for at least 3 hours. + 3 hours on high heat in the slow cooker.

this is worse than cooking a duck or some sort of bird.

I’m so hungry too, I’m going finally to eat my fried potatoes with meat, can’t wait! :smile:

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At such сases when you need to cook something solid that should be cooked well, peas or beans, it is much more convenient to use a pressure cooker, It is doing much faster than a slow cooker, for sure. Slow cooker is convenient to use to extinguish, for example, meat. Due to the fact that it is prepared very long and carefully - there is no danger of burning food, and due to the cooking time, the meat will always turn out to be tender and juicy.

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I am a king. I have my own private cook. My mother cooks for me daily. I am entitled to the best food !!

Just kidding. That’s what KingHenryVIII would sound like, but not me.

Indeed, my mom cooks but it’s her choice, she takes pleasure in doing it, and I can’t be grateful enough for her effort. She is the best mom in the whole world !! Me and my dad would be lost without her …


Sounds delicious, Selene. Is there enough for everyone here though? You know I’ve got a big appetite. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh yeah, do you like shallots? I use them a lot.

Hey I like refried beans to go along with my Mexican rice. Yum