I am so buzzed

I had an 8 oz. glass of white wine. I’m feeling pretty good right about now. And I won’t have another for like six months from now. That is how it always goes with me.


that’s good discipline. I have two glasses of red wine every Saturday night, I always want more after i’m out. for me the perfect dose is about half a bottle, “a good drunk without getting sick”

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Laugh out loud. I always get headaches from red wine. Not so with the white. I don’t know why.

that’s interesting. my mom also prefers white wines. do you like sweet wines or always something dry?

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It’s science. I don’t remember why, but I know it’s a really common thing for reds to cause headaches but not whites. I’m sure a quick Google search will tell you if you’re interested.

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I like dry wines that are just slightly sweet.

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I’m thinking about putting in 30-50 grapevines at my parents place. they have a slope that might be good, idk about the wind though. I want to try and make my own wine, but never tried it.

for a while I was thinking about going into viticulture and enology (grape growing and winemaking).

there are a lot of community colleges in Oregon and California that offer two year programs for a good price.

the most common wine from the Ohio River Valley is Catawba, which comes from the Catawba grape where it gets it name. In the 1800’s the Ohio River Valley was one of the largest wine producing regions in the country. Anyways from my research some of the suitable grapes for this region are Catawba Niagara Concord Fredonia and Perlette

i’d like to produce wine as amateur.

I brew mead, its made out of honey. Need to get another batch going sometimes, the stuff takes a long time to ferment

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Red wine drinker here, one and a half glasses on a Saturday, white wine makes my mouth realy dry but I don’t mind it, I’m a red loyalist through and through though, the volume is enough for me though

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