I am so annoyed

i am quite annoyed sometimes by everything. and the result is that i am aboulic( the incapacity of doing things). is this can get better on meds? its hard to spent the time like this. sometimes i feel it like heavy going…

Sometimes I literally can’t do anything either but just sitting & suffering. I have to deal with head pain, though, and that’s why I just have to be careful not to stress too much.

I’m trying to get back into listening to music. I think that’s the best I can do for keeping my mind “recovery focused”. Then again, my body is just shot too from all the medication withdrawals I’m undergoing.

Good luck Anna1, you’ll figure things out. Haldol is a hard drug that requires hard adjustment. I couldn’t actually stay on it b/c it was just too harsh, but maybe your body can handle it.

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mistercollie,the music is helping yes. i am listening too when i suffer a lot. my mom says it helps for the emotions also… yeap,i am on haldol after that ive tried almost every atypical on the market-probably everyone… take care

I think Haldol is best for weight gain. So you might lose weight and feel better about yourself.

yeah great, but i am still on 5 mg of zyprexa in the evening. its enough for me to put still weight on it…
astefano,where you at the point that you couldnt watch tv or read a book? i am like that right now…

I can watch tv but I cannot muster enough motivation to read.

i see. when you think that we were brights pupils and students. we have new lifes now i suppose with new capacities.

What you describes fits me well. It fits in with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. They say Sarcosine can help that. I’m taking it, and I don’t know if it is helping.

my mom is ultra emotional. probably normal :slight_smile: i found it hard today,i was angry to her for this… but after one rivotril i felt better, less irritable…