I am Sad and Lonley - Does Anyone Want To Talk

I have people I would enjoy the attention of more if they weren’t always trying to hurt my feelings. So for that I isolate.


Who’s hurting you Arturo?

I’m sorry you’re feeling down.

Sometimes it’s ok to isolate. Just take sometime to center yourself.


I’m to embarrassed to say. But it’s nobody here.

I wish I could have more attention, but it’s always painful and negative.

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some times when I’m selfish I feel at way. and most have opinions, and many just want to talk rather then be a lone, me i’am a loner anyway.

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It’s ok you don’t have to say.

As far as attention sometimes we all need to feel like people care. But the hard part is not letting that desire consume us.

That being said if you’d like to talk about anything we can always talk!!


I hope you feel more loved. If you have people in your life that care about you you could call them that would help. I only have a couple friends. I still feel unloved and lonely. Take care

good positive people are hard to find, and keep around, I found out it takes a care center to pull one out of supper lonlyness. and a case worker maybe something too look in to. friends are great when you both are laughing, but the sh*t hits the fan. well. best it to have a relationship with a person, that shares your entrusts.

Sensivity to others especially family members is actually a symptom. I had this when I was off meds. It could just therefore be imagined hurt. Maybe you should consider meds ?

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No they know what they are doing and tell me I like it.

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Sounds terrible, it can be so hard to find positive people. I been lonely a bit as well so I can feel your pain Arturo. I haven’t seen anyone aside from family in the past month or so. People don’t really call me much anymore

@Noise has been really helpful when I am feeling down and out of control. I really love them.

Sometimes meeting someone online can really help when one is strung out like me.

I am in the same boat as you. People only call me if they want something out of me. To help them move some furniture or take them to the store. I just tell them no. And it’s my family who does that. All except for my Dad and my cousin.

My cousin asks to go to the gym when he is here but that is okay because I love going to the gym.

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Yeah the interactions I have online have been helping me out too.

It sucks how isolating life can be. I was thinking about going to some coding meet up and make some new friends. My old friends have been sucking like yours have too Arturo.

It is good you go to the gym. I used to be really into lifting too. But since I had my psychotic break I been kinda anxious to see someone I might know that heard about it. I really should just overcome it tho, I had really loved the gym too and I got weight I need to burn off.

Maybe you can make some friends at the gym :slight_smile:

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