I am panicking

I don’t remember if I took them my meds it’s too early?!

Last time I doubled up accidently I almost had to drive myself to the hospital. Have you ever missed a dose before? On my own medication I often skip doses accidently with no ill effect. I have been told several times that if I miss taking a dose by more than two hours then skip that dose and take my next dose at the usual time.

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My pharmacist comes to the phone for such questions of mine.

There are med. trays where you set up the med’s you’re supposed to take for a week. Each day has little compartments where you put that morning, noon, or night’s pills. It’s a big help. You can get them at Walmart. If you don’t have a Walmart available, you should be able to get one at a drug store.

I have refills I need to get tomorrow

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