I am oversensitive person, how to cope?

I have OCD, major depression and of course paranoid sz. I react to everything over the edge. Not sure what kind of antidepressant or medication to use.


Luvox is working for my severe OCD. I believe it’s the first thing they go to for OCD.

Im on escitalopram, i have been on it for 2 months, its better than something. I think i need an SNRI

Yeah I think those can treat OCD too. I think you just have to try different SSRIs or SNRIs until you find one that works for you. Same thing as SZ with APs.

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Also for OCD there is therapy such as ERP.

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I have severe OCD, and the only thing that has helped has been 100mg of prozac and therapy. CBT has surprisingly helped a lot; just changing how I think about things into a more positive tone.