I am obsessed now. Make me stop

So yes I got the sim deal down to £13 but then I couldn’t stop myself now I have unlimited texts minutes and data and unlimited hotspot for £10. thats 12.69 USD… yaya… i think i should stop now as they probably annoyed and not gonna give it to me free… ive taken it too far.

I guess my obsession for saving money isn’t as bad as spending it so it’s not harming me… but its probably harming the company massively.

Saving is a virtue.
people that keep buying more than they can afford are left with crushing debt in a few years.

But if you save a little bit for those in evitable emergencies you won’t be swamped when they occur.


If you saved money, it’s all right.
I am not particularly eager to spend money.
In any case you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable for wanting to save money.
But maybe you can save more than 3 pounds a month if you refrain from going to expensive vacations
(just a tip).

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the gov’t discourages saving here. I save quite a bit and then have too much resources to qualify for healthcare so I have to buy a bunch of junk or give the church money. I think instead of giving to the church, im going to give money for my niece and nephews college funds from now on. I like church and all but I think i’d just rather keep it in the family.

not to hijack your thread. good for you for getting a better deal.


I live to travel… i used to hate travel with passion… but if I can afford it I am saving to travel…

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That’s all right @anon80629714.
But then it’s not true that you have an obsession of saving money.
If you truly had said obsession, it would permeate all aspects of your life.

I don’t feels my holidays are unaffordable to be fair. I’m still inside Europe. I did pay slightly more than expected for Disney though

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