I am now booked until 1st March 2021

This is really big news for me.

When I started my business I estimated I had 9 months to survive assuming no work and burning through my savings.

Now I am earning a respectable amount of money that even goes as far as covering off my ‘off days’ financially, which I never got at my office job I left in March

Mentally I am doing a lot better being my own boss. I literally have no pressure or politics to deal with.

The turning point was really when I joined a verified tradesman site for my marketing, which although is expensive, I would not have a business without all the leads it generates. Was a big risk doing this, but it paid off.

Literally, I was thinking I’d be back behind a desk facing the same problems. I gave the business a 10% chance of survival when I decided to do it over Nursing.

Now I am in a traditionally quiet time of year for landscaping, and I am booked until spring, with the expectation enquires will pick up again from there on.

My reason for posting this successful news is that I am so surprised and had no clue it could turn out this way.

I hope to encourage others to give something like this a try. Going from where I was mentally in March to this is just unbelievable, and I am more hopeful for the future now with this being a secure employment, as I was trapped in my office job by salary and a mistaken belief that I needed the job security that self-employment could not offer me in my head.

Seriously, working for yourself is great. I worked not even 3 full days this week, and I pretty much made the same I would have at my office job, and I was able to work in such a way that when I was feeling a bit off as my prescription was delayed (another story) I had the flexibility to say enough, go home and relax.

Customers are not too bothered by this I find, as I work to a fixed price and not a day rate, so it’s all pre-agreed and deposits of up to 60% are all paid up for everything!

I am so thankful for this, as I really was in such a state over my old job, and really making that decision to leave instantly - even during a pandemic, seems to have worked out for the better.

You never know what will happen. I feel so much better being outside in the fresh air, doing creative stuff and building some things for people that they’re truly impressed with.

I got this feedback today online:
“***** is a very professional landscaper all work done to detail, everything was explained in full detail before work started, very clean and tidy, fully satisfied with the out come of the design of our garden, very good price.”

This may or may not resonate with you right now, but there is hope. I was basically written off, and I stuck my two fingers up to this disease and a couple of other complications and thought ■■■■ it, lets do this and at least try.


Wow. That’s an amazing and inspiring story. I hope things continue like this for you.


That’s absolutely fantastic! Good for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and I wish you every success going forward


That’s so great! I’m happy for you


Congratulations :smiley:. I wish you continued success in the future.


This seems to be a real trend.

People who are no longer able to travel because of Covid-19 are putting their money into home renovations, landscaping, fencing, decks, sheds, rec rooms…etc.

Good news for you and your upstart company! :sunny:


That’s outstanding @Joker. I think landscapers will likely have a booming business during covid since landscaping is a nice home improvement that can be done safely since it’s outside.


Hope it continues to go well for you. You deserve a pat on the back for giving it a go.


Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear that business has taken off.


This is so damn close to my issue. I also feel that the only way I can work is by self-employment. Unfortunately my spotty education suggest only mental work, programming.

Due to schizophrenia I am incapable of concentrating. For five years, I read three paragraphs of a textbook a day, instead of half a book a day like I used to. I fail completely to analyse the market and come up with a product. Not even something seemingly forgiving in terms of quality as a mobile game app. I was writing and re-writing a game engine for four years now, it’s a complete depression.

I really want some cursed pills that would recover my ability to at least read something that is not a stupid fantasy comic. Nevermind get rid of monsters and delusions of grandure.

Thanks for all your messages.

It is such a relief to me that I can be independent and take time when I need to in order to keep well


If you go at it and give it a go, I think you could make it work. Just need to work out what you need to get started. Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

I am from Ukraine. I lived, studied and worked in Poland for four years. My struggles I described in an earlier message. Thank you for your attention.

I am unable to really concentrate on things, but I do find at work I am not so bad. I have not read a book for 8 years now. Can’t really watch TV or even films now.

I don’t think you need to think about it like that. If you do something well and better than something that may already exist, you can win people over that way perhaps?

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. I’d love to have a skillset in that area, but my education was patchy at best and I was never encouraged to work on things like that here.

I don’t know your history, but it took 6 AP’s for me to stabilise, and I got away with not being put on Clozapine, as my view is that is last chance situation, and if that doesn’t work your ■■■■■■ basically.

Try switching it up if you have not tried already. There should in most cases be a drug that can help in some way - that’s the hope anyway I have for everyone with this illness

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Wow congratulations!
Good for you!

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Way to go, @Joker

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That is awesome! I am so happy for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tada:

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I do owe a debt to this site. When I came here I had absolutely no insight whatsoever. I was in a very bad way.

Over the years I have been educated by the people here and supported - without which I would not be in the much stronger position I am now.

Not sounding cheesy I hope, but massive thank you for all your input those past and present.


Well done mate - I hope you make lots of moolah!

Just goes to show - having Schizophrenia is not a Death Sentance.

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