I am in a Bad Mood

my girl friend left me ,my son yealed at me, and son’s room mate ask me to drive him to work when I normaly sleep. bite me, you all talk about tings that matter, and current events, seldom do you talk about home view of value. I think I have less feeling. and can not act clearly.

Condolences, Dr. Zen.

The trials of life don’t last forever, thankfully. Hang in there!

Oh geez. Sounds like you’re having a rough time DrZen. I’m sorry. Id be in a bad mood if all of that happened to me.

I wish I could help.

Maybe your girlfriend will come back ?


I’m sorry DrZen, maybe things will turn around.
Hang in there in the meantime.

It sounds like you have reasons to be in a bad mood. I have been suffering from bad moods too but honestly I don’t have very many good reasons that I can see. By bad mood I mean I get overly quiet, I am upset and angry, and I show a bitter and depressed look on my face for everyone to see.
I don’t want to always talk about myself but I am saying I empathize with you.
I hope your mood lifts.

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Hey Zen!


Hey @TheGreatestDrZen i hope things look up for you soon! Hang in there!

Sorry to hear Dr Zen, I too would be in a bad mood. I hope things get better.

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