I am happy

Probably it is the first time, I can say, I’m happy! :slight_smile:


Great news ! :sunny:


I’m happy for you!!

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Long time no see, @mongolina !! How have you been lately?

Well I left uni. It caused too much of stress and anxiety. Now I’m taking some IT courses. Hope the best!


Fingers crossed!

What technology / programming language are you studying?

I used to be a software developer before schizophrenia. I know a thing or two about programs :slight_smile:

HTML/CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, InVision, Sketch

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Oh so it’s more graphics design oriented :slight_smile:
If you are a visual person then there’s lots of opportunities for skilled web designers, game graphics creators, book illustrators, even comics or manga artists :wink:

As long as you enjoy it, you can go far!

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Thanks! I hope the best! :slight_smile: