I am getting a real emotional crayon box

My kid sis did something a bit odd and presented it to me today for adventure Sunday…

She bought two boxes of crayons. The 64 pack with the built-in sharpener.

She she peeled off all the crayon wrappings and got white paper and cut out a whole bunch of new little wrappers and glued the white paper wrappers on the crayons with a tiny bit of glue stick.

I’m supposed to look a the color and write the emotion I associate with it on the new wrapper.

So instead of “Light Blue” I have “Tranquil” in stead of “Brunt Umber” I have “Slightly Annoyed”

I don’t have to name all 64 crayons today… it’s a work in progress. It’s like a weird art therapy.

She has to do this to her crayon box too. I wonder if we’re going to get the same colors for the same feelings.

My kid sis comes up with the strangest ideas… But I like them.

She found an art store she wants to take me to for adventure sunday. So it’s going to be a very colorful day. Even thought it’s soft gray outside… or should I say, “calm”


we used to do a lot of therapy, art therapy in psych hospital. Apparently its about getting back in touch with your emotional child and expressing or rather plunging the depths of the unconscious.

It was a bit odd for me to find myself making a Mothers Day card for my mother when I was 30 years of age. I had all that glitter on it, with a heart and stuff. I think you only get away that sort of stuff in psych hospital!! :blush:


That sounds like fun. I like art, but am no good at creating my own.

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I’m sure she loved it.

i love ur posts james/ they r always so positive and uplifting. u just keep doing the things u do and u will get better and better. xxx

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that is a brilliant idea :slight_smile: i’ve never heard of that before lol



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Colors are awesome! One of my eccentricities is wearing only red, black and white. I’ve been doing it for two years. I like to think of my moods as red, black and white, also the main elements of my personality. It’s hard to describe. Black and white is like order, do or do not, that sort of thing (my knee wraps and squat shoes are black and white) Red is like my personal touch, passion and drive, and red and white is like my natural state, in the summer or when Im happy I wear red and white together. White is like purity and good will and innocence.

I hate some colors. I dont own any orange clothing. I sometimes wear green too, i also have a pair of khaki corduroys but I have a red, black, and white pair of jeans and red, black and white pairs of shorts. Most of my t shirts are black and white or red and white. I have a couple green though. My shoes are all black and white or red and black.

What ruins it is that my winter coat is dark blue, it didnt come in black!

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