I am freaking out

So much weird ■■■■ keeps happening

I keep bumping into people randomly who I have not seen for years

They keep me talking for ages

My isolation started when our connections ended more than 7 years ago.

In the space of a week, I have bumped into 5 people from my past

I do not want to do drugs or hang out with them at all

Getting super paranoid and stressed about this

They have my phone number, and now know where my apartment is


You could let them know you don’t get high and you don’t want to be around drugs anymore.


Hold fast mate, it’s just your illness messing with you. You’ve grown tremendously this past couple of years and you WILL get over this bump. Seems like we’re at another weekend and you’re not busy enough so your head is filling the gap for you?

Sending (((hugs))) and good vibes across the pond to you.



I said this to one of them, but he continued to boast to me about spending £30,000 on Cocaine in one year, and how he was drink driving whilst also high on Valium. I just don’t want anything to do with people like that

He told me he heard from the mechanic that I was going to be there, so he basically ambushed me when I picked my van up

Thanks for reminding me of that @pixel . With this particular thing I am just so worried that I could fall back into old habits.

You’re right about the weekend thing. I have this trouble in the evenings as well. It’s not like I couldn’t do chores and stuff, but I just ruminate in my kitchen drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes spacing out to some music.

Once the gym opens on the 12th April, then I can go swimming again, and I hope that might help some


Can you throw on some headphones and go for a walk? It really helps!

That would throw me through a loop too. I don’t even like unexpectedly bumping into people I see on a regular basis.

I bet if you hold your ground—especially about not doing drugs—your drug-taking acquaintances will lose interest in contacting you.


I will do this tomorrow. Sometimes I put them on at home as to not disturb the neighbours with loud music.


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