I am downloading a game called The Sims

Has anyone played this?
Last time I played a game was 2010 (even on my phone) and last time I played the sims was 10 years ago :sweat_smile:

I am depressed. It is still downloading, maybe it will be fun. Is anyone familiar with it?


I’m very familiar with the series, @mermaid1. I’ve never played any of the games, though. Once I got my first NES for Christmas at age 12, and then a PS1, then XBox 360, I’m not much for PC games. I have an XBox One now, but I hardly even turn it on. Hope you enjoy the game though!

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meh it is horrible. Not a bit fun.

The sims one?? That’s ancient :sweat_smile: The newest one is sims 4 but it sucks. I’d recommend sims 3 or 2. 2 was hilarious because of all the cheats you could use to glitch things up. 3 is more serious but it has a lot of content and is a really solid fun game.

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LOL yeah I downloaded the sims 4 but did not like it. I only created a persona and started decorating a new apartment, and that was it. exit game