I always feel like a zombie

No emotions…
At least I can eat and poop free food so I am not a robot…

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It could be the meds. I felt like a zombie on 20mg of abilify. I don’t feel that way on 15mg.

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I had slightly more emotions while on Abilify but can’t take it anymore. Even on low dose Abilify I never fully got back emotions I had before schizophrenia. Risperdal is 100% zombie. I am on Risperdal.

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I feel this way often myself.

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Risperidone is worse than zombifying. When I was on it, for a while I couldn’t even understand how disabling it was for me, that’s how badly it shut down my mind. Even though it worked well on my positive symptoms, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Fortunately I was seeing a psychiatrist who really listened to me and agreed to let me switch antipsychotics. Now I’m doing much better.

I think every psychiatrist should want to do more than just control positive symptoms, they should also try to enable their patients to be able to do more in their lives.

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What did you switch to?

I tried most antipsychotics available in Canada and they all gave me intolerable side effects like bad akathisia, addictions and hypersexuality except Risperdal which is making me a zombie.
What antipsychotic are you on?

I’m on Latuda 120mg.

Weird, Latuda 80-120mg gave me bad akathisia and nausea. It didn’t improve my emotions.

Hey, being a Zombie can be cool. pouts


I seem to have some akathisia no matter what I’m on, I tend to pace back and forth if I’m not focusing on something. It doesn’t really bother me. I feel like I’m better adjusted socially on Latuda, and I can work part-time with no problem. I feel like if I had to I could probably work full-time, but I may not get the opportunity to try that until later.

My akathisia was bad, I couldn’t sleep and when I slept I woke up from it in the middle of the night. I was unconsciously moving my hands and feet fast continuously. I felt my mind was hijacked.

Hmm, that’s not good. As we know it’s different for everybody.

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