New Job Not Working Out Don't Know How Long They Will Be In Business

I started a new job in a vegan,veggie,gluten,lactose,sugar free shop part time 6 weeks ago but the shop is dead not taking a lot of money and few customers.I fear it wont last another 6 months tbh.But the good news folks is that I have an interview next Friday for a school cleaner with the government, £2.50 per hour extra,govt pension and better holidayentitlements wish me luck and hope I get it!


Government jobs are best hope you get it.

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Sorry to hear the store might not make it. I would love to have a place like that near me!

Good luck with the interview.


Good luck ! :sunny:

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Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

I also work for the government.

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@Shmookitty location and population where it is too small,not enough passing trade and owners will not promote/market business iam afraid,even though myself and customers have suggested this to them.You can’t run a business as a hobby horse tbh

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