I absolutely despise April Fools Day!

Used to work with my husband’s business manager who thought April Fools Day was just great, he’d do things like pull your spark plugs for example every year, you never knew what was coming. Anyhow April Fools Day is stupid and i’m steering clear of people today, desimb

I am in the same boat as you. People try really stupid stuff and it’s never funny.

its such a stupid day but it is still another day and so far my day has been ok

i phoned up and found out about an extra benefit i could be entitled to and i could be due some extra money

and sweep and i went into town and i got some things for my dad :slight_smile:

so i think it has been productive and its only 2pm :thumbsup:

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Only 2:00 p.m. where you are.

It’s 5:00 a.m. where I’m sitting right now. Thus far I’ve drank two cups of coffee, put on some pants and a shirt, answered some e-mails and written a letter to my Mom.

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lol i woke up at about 5am this morning as well,

i’ve been doing a lot of research so i was looking for things to do on the internet

seem to be getting obsessed with it (i really need help with this)

flaming vocational guy is to slow and i cant seem to get a cpn :frowning:

my eyes are going square with all of this lol

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The last April Fools day “joke” (and I use that term lightly)… I saw was last year.

My kid sis was going to her morning shift to open pool and her car was on the blink so I drove her. We got there. I figured I could say for a swim. She and the other guard began to take off the pool covers and they both flipped out…

There was a body at the bottom of the deep end. So they both dove in and did the rescue. It was a manikin filled with sand and dressed in park maintenance overhauls. As they were trying to bring the “body” up it’s arm came off in my sisters hand. She jumped out of the water and was really getting upset. When the head fell off they were both getting pissed off. It’s a good thing they didn’t call 911 off the bat and tried for the rescue first.

The manager was hanging out in the storage room laughing his butt off. NOT cool. NOT funny.

She and the other guard was SO angry.

This year I think I saw one April Fool’s joke. A person I know said they got their nose pierced and posted a photo of it, I just told this person keep it clean and if it gets infected don’t take it out, see a doctor or piercer.

Later a bunch of people realized it was a joke and were saying things like oh April Fool’s or you almost got me. Myself, I just shrugged and went oh it was a joke…hm…quite…

On an unrelated note my sister’s birthday is April 1, so every year when we were younger my siblings and I would say “Happy birthday!..April Fool’s we don’t really care”.