April Fools Day

Tomorrow is April fools Day. Too bad I am going out of town early in the morning or I would prank the wife.

My son used to always prank us but he is off living on his own now over 1000 miles away.


I hate April fools day :frowning:


Adult Swim always does something fun for April Fool’s day. A couple of years ago they debuted season 3 of Rick and Morty on April Fool’s at midnight without announcing it first.


What does April fools mean. Does it mean you’re a fool if you are born in April?

It’s just a dumb tradtion. I’ve no idea where it comes from. But it doesn’t say that people born in April are fools just that the 1st of april is “prank day”.

I’m just joking around.


did you see my post

the radio is notorious for this


Ahhhh you got me ! :smile:

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In French class, we learned about Poisson D’Avril, which is the French version. Kids stick paper fish on each other’s backs, and see if they notice. I believe if you’re caught, you have to give the person a candy, but this was nearly twenty years ago so my memory is fuzzy.

Can a French person confirm or deny this tradition?

I used to be the real pranker before schizophrenia, I would always do stupid stuff like putting rotten milk in my friends locker.

ok. ok.

just don’t be surprised when your favorite station or website is gone tomorrow.

before you leave tie the front door handle to a tree or something with a rope so she has to go out the back door lol

One of our local radio stations has a pair of shock jocks, opie and anthony, who falsely reported that the mayor had died as part of an april fool’s stunt. I think they ended up getting fired for it.


I have a tradition of making April fool’s Day meals, which are desserts that look like savory foods. My biggest hit was grilled cheeses, made with pound cake and yellow icing.


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