Hyperfocus: the forgotten frontier of attention

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Thanks, you are posting interesting articles. I always thought hyperfocus was an autism, ADHD or ADD thing, so i must have some of that, but never realised it also belongs to schizophrenia. I couldnt read the whole article now, but i will later!

hyperfocused you enter the zone? Like, Micheal Jordan on the court…

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When my wife was alive she would say that sometimes I’d get so engrossed with something online that I’d not hear her talk to me so wouldn’t respond .

Of course that doesn’t happen now, but there are occasions when I seem to lose track of time.

Based on the example given, I don’t think that I’ve even once in my life been hyperfocused. And I can be a pretty focused person.

I used to hours at a time.

I hyperfocus quite a bit somethings will just grab my attention and be the only thing I care about for days

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I’m like a bear with an itch when it comes to some things .

Focus gets things done.

I guess I have Aspergers and schizophrenia does the opposite. I blamed the meds a lot but they are supposed to help me. I don’t think Aspergers plus a stimulant would be good. I thought I had auditory processing disorder for a while. Maybe ADD too. My sister says I don’t have ADD at all. She said because I can focus for hours like when I played video games. I played video games literally all day as a kid. I just cannot focus like I used to. I have no motivation and I’m a lot dumber than I used to be, but I’m more open minded to a fault.

I would also have hypomania probably from energy drinks as a teenager. I would study a lot instead of staring at the wall when doing my math homework. I remember checking out all the books I could on finance because I wanted to study finance and do it for a living. It never panned out.