How would you say treatment in your state/country is?

Just curious to hear about other people experiences with treatment in their state of they’re in the USA or if not how it is in their country. You don’t have to disclose your state if you don’t want to, of course.

I live in South Carolina and find that the public mental health system is very understaffed in general. I find that most of the professionals are only there for the paycheck. I don’t feel this way about my current therapist, but have certainly gotten that impression from a lot of professionals.


I also live in South Carolina (in the Greenville area) and i have gotten really good service from the mental health center i go to. I agree overall that the state Department of Mental Health is not that great, as i’ve been in their hospital a couple times.

A fellow South Carolinian on here is shocking to me for some reason lol. No offense of course.

I live in a small farming town close to the GA border now, and that’s where I have received the bulk of my services. Although I was born and raised in the Charleston area. I have never been to a hospital run by SCDMH, but have been to multiple hospitals run by various Regional Medical Centers and a few other ones. I found almost all of them to be negative experiences for one reason or another.

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Yeah the center i go to is run by SCDMH and i have a really good pdoc and therapist. I have had some less-than-stellar ones in the past so it’s not all roses here but i am pleased overall with the service i get. I have been in several different hospitals and the one ran by SCDMH was by far the worst, though.


Well I’m glad you have a good therapist and pdoc right now!

I go to a clinic run by SCDMH at the moment as well. My therapist is awesome, but my pdoc is not that great. He’s leaving December 31st though, so I’m not sure who’s going to replace him. I’m trying to be optimistic that they’ll be better however.

My last pdoc was very good however, but she now practices in a different county. Wish I had her back.


Virginia is pretty bad imo. The mental health services are few and far between and in the northern part (where I live) it is super understaffed.

I called a bunch of psychiatrists and the earliest appointment I could get was three months from now. Some wanted me to wait 6 months out even

That’s not good at all @zwolfgang

Are you trying to get your first appointment ever or are you trying to go to someone new?

Canada its good. Everythings free but i think in countries where you pay the service may be better. Nurses are super busy

It may be the case in some places @anon92887483 but here I pay a little for services and am not very satisfied.

Glad to hear that it’s overall good for you however!

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Yea man maybe im just complaining like its good dont get me wrong, i just think it grts abused a bit cause it doesnt cost anything upfront maybe

The mental health system is probably below average where i’m from.
It’s really hard to find a competent psychiatrist or therapist.

I got lucky, my doctors are excellent.

In Estonia it’s exellent. Docs are super.

What healthcare?
N. CA.

In my state, there aren’t enough beds. But my county has a good mental health program that other counties around me don’t have. I don’t like in my state you get sent to the psych ward for hallucinating or for delusions even if you’re not considered a danger to yourself or others. But the county health isn’t doing that anymore. However, if I go to a private dr I’d be stuck in the hospital. It’d be hard for me to get out. That’s why I stick with the county program.

I’m in New York state. My particular area is ok, I guess. Nothing like in Buffalo where I used to live. But I am happy with my treatment overall.

In the UK its mostly good apart from the hospitals. There are never any beds at any of the hospitals. I have heard of stories of people having to drive to the other side of the country to visit their family and friends.

Oh that situation was three months ago haha

My first appointment is today so looks like I made it! Its a far drive though

Very, very good. I’ve been lucky.

In Canada it’s awesome pills are free seeing the Dr is free everything is free here :roll_eyes:

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