How to Watch Six Schizophrenic Brothers Online – Release Date, Episodes, Trailer


You are the best man for reporting sz news @everhopeful


Thanks @san_pedro

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I’m currently reading the book, “Hidden Valley Road” which is about the Galvin Family. It’s very interesting


I already have myself and a brother with it. Maybe if my other brother gets it we can become a famous case study.

Or maybe that’s something too scary to even joke about. I don’t think the one of my brothers who has it is ever going to beat his delusions. He went off meds almost a year ago and has been backsliding since.

When I had it early on I lived with a guardian who committed me like 10 times over 3 years. He’s living with someone who just ignores his symptoms and never gets him help. So I don’t imagine he’ll recover like I did.

I am familiar with the case you are mentioning. It’s sad for sure. I have Max so I’m gonna watch this, thanks for getting it on my radar @everhopeful

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