How to value researches


the all thing is kind of a small nightmare for me.
even though schizophrenia . com does a decent job on presenting different vitamins/amino acids that might be beneficial, I usually like to research for my self, but I don’t know how to do so. (although i think that there’s not enough reference to the different types of vitamins/amino acids available and to their bio-availability).

to address article and researchers correctly i need to understand how to value the source (the reliability of the researcher, magazine etc’), and how to interpret what I’m reading.
i think it would be great if this matter was covered in this website.
can anyone help?


I’m sorry, I’m not familiar. Maybe @firemonkey can help? Or @ninjastar? Or @Moonbeam?


That’s a good but difficult question to answer. It’s hard to find anything specific to psychiatry but here are some general links.


Thanks guys, more links, sources of information or general start up guiding/tips would be very wellcome:)


If any hospital, agency, or gov study wants to conduct research

on another human being, it must include a stipend to the participant

and come with legality of their work in which such conclusions are released.

There should be no human test subject in the world that feels they were treated

like a guinea pig under extreme measure. We have ethics. We have laws.


thank you daze, it’s a good point and people should be carefull in participating in any research:/ but regarding my initial question - can anyone contribute from his experience?