How to move?

I’m moving.

need tips on fitting in with new people. adapting

two aunts. one aunt has two young sons.

plan: connect with childless aunt and sons.

MI will make this hard.

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Will you have your own room?

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no, unless they want me to

2 bedroom. 1 living room.

course I won’t. not in first few months…

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hopefully it works out, just don’t walk around in your undies scratching yourself


If you’re paying rent it seems like you should try to get your own room so that you have some privacy. Maybe talk to your aunts about that to see if thats an option.


yeah. rent is leverage.

I’m not talker. I keep to myself. feel safer that way.

but I’ll need to have talk with aunts. make agreements.

I will talk with aunts, one at a time. different days.

won’t need to talk to kids: they don’t pay rent. makes things easier.

worst case scenario: I sleep in living-room. wouldn’t be too bad, since I do that now.

I talked with the childless aunt.
she pays no rent.
the mother aunt’s been paying.

I must speak with mother aunt, later today or tomorrow.

I don’t want to initially move with mom
because I feel safer near my relatives
than at a new place with mom.
(I want to test the waters at least.)

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Best of luck to you, @sirBoring, hope it works out well! :slight_smile:


talked to mother aunt.
mother aunt just lost her job.
nobody’s got rent money for next month, except me.

I said I’d stick with them,
make sure she and her kids are okay
because they’re family.

Do your Aunts know you have schizophrenia? If they do it might help you explain that the move could be a little overwhelming for you and you might not be very talkative at first.

It may take time to adjust but you’ll get there.

I’m sorry you have to move, it’s a pain.

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regardless of MI, I want to help out for February.

if I live with aunts, I’ll be only one paying rent.

I’ll stick around February. If aunt gets job, then I’ll stay.
If not, then I’ll live with mom…


I wish you luck @sirBoring moving is one of the annoying things that people have to do every now and then.

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