How to measure Sarcosine?

We received son’s Sarcosine today. This will be his first time using it.

The dosage instructions are in grams. So, can anyone tell me how, or what to use to accurately measure out in U.S. measurements? Like with something I might already have in my kitchen, or do I need to make a drugstore run for the proper dosing tool?

I use a teaspoon, One full spoon is 3 grams

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didn’t you also receive a spoon with the package?

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I hope things go well for you with the sarcosine

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Oops, there was a spoon in the mailing envelope. I was looking for it inside the actual Sarcosine packet. :blush:

Thank you Karl!

I hope that things work out for your son @lovemyson

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Thanks Wave. He had a good day today:)