How to help a friend

So my best friend I believe she is undiagnosed schizophrenic. She has delusions and I keep trying to help her with it. This man knows she is delusional and is using her delusions against her and taking advantage of her. I’m trying my hardest to help her but she believes what’s happening is real. I know how hard it is to get over a delusion because I deal with them but because I’m on medication I have a better hold over it I’m able to recognize my issues it’s just I cant get over them but I just deal with them and kind of block them out if I can. But to make things worse is seeing someone like me get tooken advantage of by a man with her delusions the world is so ■■■■■■ up this makes me so paranoid that’s why I dont trust men because there ■■■■■■ up. I want to tell her she might be schizophrenic like me and maybe she needs to get help and get on medicine but I know it will end our relationship because shes to far gone all I can do is try to help her not get tooken advantage of. This makes me so paranoid
About men you have no ■■■■■■■ idea. The world is ■■■■■■ up place.

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