How to be sane: the fakers guide

No thought of the supernatural, no thought of spirituality.
Not a zippet of belief not even a thought to worry.
Now your grounded enough to make it in this mad world, God speed.

I hurt my backbone so I can’t move furniture around in my head.


Hah you have discovered the secret :smile:


Xd you got it :stuck_out_tongue:


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I tried being normal once… I didn’t like it!


whenever my back hurts, it’s usually because i forgot to stretch it

Many normals have really wacky beliefs…i know a few who really make me scratch my head.

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I think what normals do that people with psychosis cannot, is compartmentalize their wacky beliefs, so they can act like everybody else and stay calm.


The trick to faking sanity is to never talk about or mention your MI to anybody. No one. Never talk about your pdoc or nurses either. Never mention your delusions or hallucinations. Never talk about being sad or suicidal or homicidal. Never talk about being anxious. Keep everything a secret. And, if your friends report that you are talking too much or talking too rapidly or interrupting them or arguing too much, report it to your pdoc immediately. If you are not sleeping also, report it to your pdoc immediately. Follow your doctors orders exactly and never miss your doctor and nurse appointments. That is my prescription for faking sanity.


Nothing wrong with me, I just look funny.

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Its my mission in life to hide it. Im not good at it. I think ive become the best.

Every time i fug out ive got a plan. Its about preparing for the worst.

Its actually so ridiculous why I hide it but its ingrained in me, sometimes i think i actually live to hide it lol

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I like your analogy, it makes a lot of sense when you put it that way.