How sick do you have to be to

Qualify for a group home?

I don’t know the rules for your country, but here, you have to be unable to maintain a normal life living by yourself, and unable to deal with things like cleaning up, bathing, cooking, etc.
Basically, you need to be in need of help beyond what you could get in your home.

I lived in one for two years, and it really helped me.

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How did you manage to move on from the group home?

With their help, I learned skills to manage my life on my own with some help from a case manager who visits me twice a week.
They taught me to cook, organize my cleaning, and helped me get better at bathing.


You must be so grateful to them. I know I would be.

I am. They talked me through some tough times, helped me quit drugs and break up with the abusive boyfriend, wiped my tears, reminded me to bathe, etc.
I still call and visit sometimes


I got a lot of help when I went to the clubhouse. My anxiety was super high because of the men harassing me and they would help me calm down. Plus I had tasks to do which got my mind focused on something else.


Many years ago I was a candidate at best for a group home and at worst for a long stay ward. This was before I met my wife in hospital who encouraged me when others,including mental health professionals , had written me off.

At the time I was seen as being a person with chronic schizophrenia. That label might still apply now in the sense I’ve been receiving psych care for over 4 decades .

I am one of those who can manage at home with support. This is because my stepdaughter was proactive in getting me some social care support , and also helps me herself .

The situation was far worse in Essex where there was no family/stepfamily close at hand to support me. I basically self neglected ,but only my younger stepdaughter knew when she made the 3 hour journey to see me and others . This was because I had no care co-ordinator/social worker who saw me in my home. It was just fortnightly trips to the depot clinic and seeing a nurse practitioner every 6 months.

Bottom line-you have to have very poor functioning to be suitable for a group home. My last care plan emphasised that the support I get is to help me stay living independently in my flat .

I think trying to ensure people with severe mental illness can live independently is the main priority , with a group home being a last resort if all else fails .

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In a year I need to move into an apartment for people with mental illnesses. It’s a beautiful very new apartment. My daughter is allowed to live with me there. Rent is based on income.


I have a friend who lives with her mom. She’s mentally ill. She doesn’t clean herself properly and relies on her mom to cook. Neither of them clean and the house is filthy. If her mom dies, she thinks she has to commit suicide because she can’t live on her own. She just can’t handle the responsibility. I’m trying to figure out if she’d qualify.

That’s great that you got that opportunity @FatMama! It’s not easy to get those apartments

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To tell you the truth I dont really know. You might wanna contact one and see what their rules are could vary from place to place. They may try to place people in them that are not med compliant. When I was in the hospital they told me I had to get an injection or be on oral medication and live in a group home.

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Just to add I can pretty much take care of myself.

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I live in supported housing/group home in the U.K. firemonkey is right if you need supported housing and have a severe mental illness you would have to be low functioning to be entitled to funding from social services but the criteria for funding is less strict for people with intellectual disabilities. I was entitled to supported housing as I have a ID but also have schizoaffective which in its nature isn’t as bad as schizophrenia as I have periods of wellness without negative symptoms where I am able to function normally but there is staff around for when I need the extra support when I become unwell.

I really like supported living. I live with 2 other people who I consider my friends, it cheap bills and I get all my housing costs met by benefits which leave me with quite considerably disposable income. I always have company and we have some great staff. I have also become friends with a few old staff who have left the company and we meet for lunch and coffee quite often.

Me and my housemate have started going on holiday together (currently in a static caravan 19 miles outside Edinburgh) and went to Llandudno in north wales a few months ago. I have anxieties about holidays so this is breaking me in to going aboard in September. Living in supported housing affords me the secretary I need as I don’t really get bothered from the benefits people and it’s a secure tenancy.


Thanks for your informative reply! I hope to find out if the rules are similar in the US for my friend.

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