How’s your 2018 so far?


It was good until summer time. Cuz I spent 2 months and 1 week in psych ward it was brutal mang


Felt like an oceancruise. A little depressed through winter but its all quickly forgotten with the summer.


Well, I was not in the hospital this year, so that’s good. Got to know this year that I will get diabetes. I have three months left to change this till next year february. I tried but the negative got me down, I can’t get mysel up for walks or any sports, and I did change my diet often but always have fallen back to eating bread and sweets.

I’m a bit down because of the diabetes and my low will to change it. Also spend too much money this year, while I have barely something left for my vacation in poland on christmas. And still suffering from irritability. Already last year and this year I too confused on what to do with myself, so I sometimes get lost in walking in my room for a minute and asking myself what to do with myself or asking myself in other situations. I never find an answer, it seems like everything is too much. Can not focus for a long time, delusions still here, but meds working because the delusions are tough but not tough like “going crazy and bringing myself into trouble”. That’s already since last year like that.

My life is kind of pointless since a while.


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