How often do you wash your fruits?

  • always
  • only when told
  • rarely
  • never

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I usually wade into my cold outdoor swimming pool with two kiwis and a decent sized cucumber…but inevitably walk out with two purple grapes and a baby carrot.


Always. I never stop washing my fruit. I just stand by the sink all day and all night, washing, and washing…away at that fruit.

PS I don’t think I’ve ever honestly answered one of your polls :smiley:


Is this a poll about hopping into the shower and making balloon animals out of your soapy genitals?

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no it’s not. lol. the strawberries i had, the other day, said to wash before eating. the blackberries don’t say that though. so I have’t been washing the blackberries when i eat them.

I won’t buy fruit that can be touched by other people (shoppers).
Do you know how many other people handled your fruit and produce?
I find the whole idea disgusting.

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You should wash it, unless it has to be peeled, like oranges or bananas.


i mean, can water really wash a fruit so much? because i definitely wouldn’t want to wash my fruit with soap. i’m shivering with the thought

I wash all vegetables and fruit that I buy. my main reason is you don’t know if there are pesticides on the fruit.

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I rinse off the fruit from my backyard before I eat it, that is IF it makes it in the house, most times I pick it and eat it.

Now the fruit from the stores, yes, I wash it, really just rinse it well, because of the pesticides, and the pests that touch it- other people.


i guess washing my fruits a bit wouldn’t hurt. just that i don’t see what washing fruits with water could possibly do. and washing fruits with dishwashing liquid might be good, but at the same time i might ingest some of it. last time i ingested dishwashing liquid… things weren’t so cool.

You can use a very, very soft bristle brush - they’re called “Vegetable Brushes” to gently scrub -never rub- your fruits and vegetables off while running them under cold water.
They’re very inexpensive to pick up, even at a .99 cent store.
Think about how many different fingers have handled your food before you have gotten it home, from the folks tending it, to the pickers, then the packers, transporters, stockers, picky customers, cashiers, baggers, then you.

That’s a lot of fingers…and, well, many folks have not so sanitary ideas about using their fingers and not washing them off.

lol i wonder if i can pass my fruits through boiling water. might keep them better than passing them through regular water.

I advice to wash your fruits daily but not with boiling water.