How often do you dump?

For me I’m prone to constipation so it can be every 4 days or more. Last thread was cancelled due to not enough choices.

  • 3 x a day
  • 2 x a day
  • 1 x a day
  • every 2 days
  • every 3 days
  • every 4 days or more

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I am dumb. How many times do you poop you meant?


At least 3x in the morning and usually 1x later I’m the day. I have a fast metabolism.

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1-2 times a day, depending on what I’ve eaten

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Oops i got it now… Once every morning lol edit: a big smelly dump :poop:

Me 3-5 times a day most likely because I never ever sit down causing fast metabolism. I pace 5 miles per day.

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Perhaps this should be moved to the lounge. My mistake. @ninjastar

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3x a week, thanks to Haldol. used to be 3x a day until three years ago when I switched back to Haldol. It’s the only weight neutral drug I’ve found though, so I live with it.

This thread is such a revelation for me wow there are 3x a day people in the world. Living breathing people that poops several times a day wow

really monkey, what dose this add up too. science wises or you just throwing poop. my is 2 a day.

Im constipated from my med invega sustenna so I usually go about every 4 days of so.

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