How often do you clean your home or the place where you live?

I clean once a week and have done for quiet some time.
Many years. :slight_smile:
Mop n sweep floors, wash clothes, clean bathrooms etc

I had a perios where I was messier than usual.

My best friend I had used to say “I can survive everything and anything now that Ive eaten from your kitchen”. lol

He thought it was messy.
It was a period when i was unwell.

I have things laying around though.
I may become tidier in future.

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We clean whenever anyone is coming over. :smile:


I clean as I go. If something makes a mess, I clean it. But big cleaning, like dusting, vacuuming, wash the floors,etc is sometimes once per week, more often two or three weeks… If someone came over, it would look clean at any given time.

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I grab a broom and sweep every once in a while, but not often. That is about all the cleaning I do. My room is really messy. I’ve always lived like this. My major area of contention when I was in the army was them demanding that I be orderly and spic and span. I can be neat when I want to, but I rarely want to.

I sweep three room daily…!!!

Once a week or every two weeks, I hate vaccuming because I scare the cats with it, but well, it has to be done.

I am really lazy with cleaning my house… I know I need to mop and vacuum but I am really lazy

i try my best to keep on top of things but it is an every day battle, if its not one thing its another, i just finished doing the dishes after ages and my laundry, my kitchen was a mess among other things, my kitchen is the worst though as well as getting shopping, shopping is the hardest thing, knowing what to get and getting it is so hard it just all causes stress. the cooker gets really dirty and i need to sweep the floors, changing the bins, sorting the bins.

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