How much weight do you gain in one day?

From morning to night, how much weight do you normally put on?

Every time I go to the bathroom, the scale is there and I have to weigh myself after I have washed my hands and before I walk out.

I don’t like doing it later on in the day as the number is higher but I still have to step on the scale and observe the reading. I hate it.

Probably 10 kgs per day thanks to olanzapine


Your body weight can fluctuate a surprising amount due to how much water or other fluids you take in. That kind of weight gain or weight loss is usually temporary. In order to gain a pound of body fat you have to take in 3500 more calories than you burn.


i gained 8 lbs during the day the other day. I drink lots of fluids.

One time during the wrestling season I was so dehydrated that I gained twelve pounds over night when I went up a weight. I increased my body weight by ten per cent over night.

Today I gained six pounds during the day. But I ate a lot of food and drank a lot of liquid today, more than I usually do.

I’ll gain 3 to 4 lbs over the course of the day.

I sometimes wonder what does control our weight gain and weight loss. When I was in a mental hospital in Tennessee I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days. In order to gain that much body fat I would have had to have a calorie excess of 1750 calories a day. That certainly wasn’t the case. I know I hadn’t taken in 60 lbs. of excess fluids. And I’m certain I hadn’t put on that much muscle. I’ve heard that by far the most important variable in controlling your weight is your metabolism. That probably explains a lot of weight gain that otherwise couldn’t be accounted for.

I rebound but stay a pretty constant weight depending on diet and exercise.

I can lose or gain 1-2kgs a day. I keep tabs on it so I don’t get any higher but it’s probably not a good thing to be doing if your obsessing about it!

yeah one of my med side effects is increased appetite, while my other med makes me have no appetite at all, so with the meds I have a weird combo when it comes to appetite,

I’ve been gaining weight slowly steadily though and am not happy where I’m at atm. So like idk like a pound a day

I don’t weigh myself everyday since it’s not healthy for me. Haven’t looked at my weight since I recovered from a nasty ED. I only check it at the doctors and usually I look away. If you’re weighing yourself everyday it could get obsessive.