Have psychiatric medications benefited you?

Have you ever felt like the psychiatric medication have benefited you in some way and has it changed your life to the better?If it has list three positive things it has done for you.

  1. Kept me sane and out of hospital
  2. Given me my self respect back
  3. Kept me alive

Keeps me out of the Hospital
Keeps me safe
Makes me semi functional


prevented me from acquiring stds through sexual dysfunction

kept me from crossing legal-rational boundaries that initiate the onrush of legal-judicial force

reduced the power of certain arguments i would make that kept me from working and doing normal things

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My old med (40 mg Olanzapine) stopped my psychosis but the side effects were devastating to my physical health, I was a fat, unhealthy useless and slept all the time… I switched to 60mg of Lurasidone 2-3 years ago and it made a huge difference, so based on Lurasidone…

I’m going to cheat and list 5 benefits…

  1. I am no longer overweight according to the BMI
  2. My blood test results have improved dramatically
  3. I have a job after 17 years of being unemployed.
  4. I’m stable and symptom free without side effects
  5. Kept me out of the hospital and the pdoc took me off the CTO he had me on

That’s great! I’m glad you found an AP that works for you.

  1. Keeps me out of the hospital
  2. Keeps me healthy
  3. Keeps me sane

Thanks @Lu87 :smiley:

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Olanzapine significanlty decreases my paranoia. Though on the bad side, it made me gain a ton of weight.


It stopped the animals from talking to me

It stopped my religious craziness, extremism etc

It stops me from talking to my imaginary friends

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It has kept me out of hospital

It has allowed me to continue better

It has allowed me to have better relationships with other people

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Meds ain’t the best answer in the world but it’s the only one the world has. Science needs to progress to a cure and not a treatment of symptoms. I take meds full well knowing the risks. I have no choice. I was able to make that decision for myself, incredibly because I can be unaware. But the meds I’m on now don’t make me sleep endlessly or cause incurable hunger and are low risk for tardive dyskinesia.

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Keeps me out of the hospital.
Keeps me from relapsing.
Probably couldn’t have worked or gone to school without them.


Keeps my thoughts slow so I can relax.
Way less parnoia so can have healthy relationships with people.
I live in reality and not in my head. That is an amazing change.


Definitely! They keep me out of hospital, make me more sane and in control and clear headed, and make the evil spirit more dormant.

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They keep me out of hospital.
That’s all I ask for


In the past I was on a lot of medication abs it didn’t really benefit me. The medication I take today that I’ve been on a few years does though.

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Cost-benefit analysis:

Stabilized my ass, but made me gain weight.

So I guess it kinda cancels each other out.

And yes, I am that shallow where mental stability and weight gain are on equal tiers.


They got rid of my delusions and some disorganization. That’s about it. I still hear voices most of the day and I still see things. I still have the same negatives I’ve always had (they’ve never been really bad to be fair) and I still have pretty bad cognitive symptoms

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Helped me sleep.
Kept away hallucinations and delusions.
Helped me to focus well.

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