How many sense's can one have

how many sense’s can be inhanced?

We all have 5 senses…

Hearing, seeing, smell, touch, taste…

I believe some people are more intuitive than others with their “sixth sense”. Of course, a lot of this simply comes from paying attention.

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i guess i have sense

the best of the senses is the good sense, or the common sense


I vaguely remember there were some academics saying we have loads of senses - sense of hunger, sense of loneliness etc (other stuff I can’t remember).

Not sure if I agreed with them but was interesting.


How many of them can be shut down, that’s the question.

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Or redirected?

15 ■■■■■■■ 15

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That’s what I’ve felt like saying before. :joy:

Hearing, touch, taste, seeing, smell, ESP and humor.

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