How many posts do you have?

I have 7.5k lol is that a lot?

I have 4.5, I think.

See how you stack up:

This doesn’t count topics started, though.

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Wow good for nick

I guess I’m seventh

Minniis is impressive considering she’s only been round this part of town for a year or so

I remember when minnii joined she never started threads, now she makes lots of threads


I miss @SurprisedJ

And where’s @everhopeful been???

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5.2k posts created. Good, considering like four suspensions :joy:

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I’ve created 2.0 k… I’m fairly newer that you guys tho I think

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It says I created like 200 posts. Waaaaay fewer than what appears to be the norm.

6.7k plus back time on the old forum

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I miss @everhopeful, I hope he is ok.

2.3k posts


2,3k top notch quality posts turtle :wink:

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I have been wondering the same thing, I hope that he is all right

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4.7k replies . 2.0 k topics.

Hmmm…counting this one? Three.

162 topics created.
2.8 K replies.

200 replies and 217 likes received in my month of membership. Im on a pretty good average i think so far. Yay me!!

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I miss @Patrick c’mon pat don’t be a crying baby :stuck_out_tongue:
And @anon68237654 man I knew you weren’t at your best…sending hugs your way :hugging:

Mine 1.7k posts created.

I think there should be an average posts / day, and posts read : posts created ratio.

Dividing 1.7k posts created / 187 days visited = 9 posts created on every visit. :smile:

50 posts 50 posts

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1.9K replies. I need to be more talkative.