How many days in total have you visited here?

mine is 861 days…

551 days.

Have read nearly 90k threads!

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I’ve been a lurker for about a week but I just made this account 4 days ago. I’m just a n00b


333 days…

Dang that went fast. in some ways it feels like I just started posting here. I always say about my life, ‘long days, fast years’.

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I think mine is 871 days, give or take a few days.

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I have been posting for 3 days. But many years ago I posted for a long time.


I joined the old forum back in 2012…new forum I joined nov of 2014

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880 days according to stats. Joined 2013.

157 days since I joined last year.

923 days visited
40d read time
80.4k posts read

6.4k given


718 topics created

6.3k posts created
4.9k received

302 days visited
20d read time
75k posts read
3.6k likes given
22 topics created
1.8k posts created
2.4k likes received

I apparently don’t make a lot of threads…

934 days visited . I am here virtually every day.

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