How many people on here use to play sports or likes sports


Who on here used to play sports or likes sports?


I played softball and basketball for high school, played college softball and recently did my first semi pro boxing fight. But had to give it up due to to many head concussions


I played lacrosse, track and field and basketball.


I used to play volleyball with my best friend almost every afternoon when I was in college. Sometimes we played badminton. Playing sports was such a fun!


I only watch nowadays but I still like them some. Lifting weights is the only sporty thing I find myself doing anymore


I loved to run but my meds make my joints hurt and my muscles stiff so I quit.


The only organized sports I played was one year of soccer in high school and one year of little league in seventh grade. But I played various sports with my friends all through my youth. Mostly baseball and football but we played basketball sometimes or soccer. I was never a natural athlete but I got pretty good at football and I could hold my own in baseball.

Is Frisbee a sport? Is smoking pot a sport? Because we combined them and I think I could have turned professional in the stoned, plastic disc tossing World Championships. As long as long there would always be ice cream or cookies served afterwards.


that’s funny. Yeah asking one of my old friends if they wanted to play Frisbee golf was basically asking if they wanted to smoke some.


That’s funny lol


I hate sports. I was always the last one selected to be on any teams at school. I was terrible at sports. But, I was a runner in my twenties and early thirties until I hurt my back at age 36. I turned to yoga at age 45 to cure my back problems and it did! At age 44, my back was so bad, I was seriously thinking about checking myself into a nursing home and using a wheelchair my pain in my back was so bad and I was so disabled from it. Yoga literally saved my life.


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