How many of you have contacted people from the forum through other means? - Anonymous poll

I know it’s against site rules to do so, but I bet some people have. I am making this an anonymous poll so that people can vote freely.

Have you used email, mail, phone or other means to contact people offsite?

Have you contacted any forum members offsite?
  • Yes, I have contacted others offsite
  • No, I have not

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I personally have some contact info(email and name) given to me, but I have never used it and probably never will.

I think mods said they don’t check pm so I am sure ppl here use pm to exchange contact info.

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Actually, I exchanged emails with a woman on here. It was pretty tame but we had a falling out later and she wouldn’t want me talking about her.

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i play video games with a few forum members and we chat on discord

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Guys, the poll is fine, but don’t admit to breaking the rules. They’re there for a reason.


I thought not contacting another member was only a recommendation?

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You have a point, I re-read the forum guidelines. It’s a strong recommendation.


Our members join our community to share with other people living with similar illnesses. Because many of our forums are public, we must keep our identities completely anonymous. In that way, we can discuss the role our significant others play in our lives without publicly embarrassing them. Likewise, we keep anonymous so that teachers, employers, fellow students or coworkers can not “Google” and identify our community posts. To protect your anonymity, members should not communicate with each other off this site. We ask that members not exchange phone numbers or meet in person. Our experience is that these ‘offsite’ relationships can be disastrous (especially when one member becomes pathologically dependent or manipulative towards the other). Basically - be careful. If you ever meet anyone offline - be sure that a friend or family member has full information about the person you are meeting - phone number, email address, and information like that.


Not on this forum but on NAMI. Believe me I learned.

Won’t say anymore bc this person has a similar dx.

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How do you get to the forum rules anyway? I know that I have found them before and read them but there is no direct link at the top of the page or anything. It would probably be helpful to people if there was a direct link to them at the top of the page next to “Home About Contact us FAQ”.

Or a pinned topic or something.

Nevermind. I found them through a search.

I was given dets from a person through no fault of my own through a pm and I was upset by this and asked a mod what to do and they told me to flag it, so I did. The person left me alone after that. I have a bff on this site that I’ve never shared dets with. I’m usually a rule person to the best of my ability. It’s just sometimes I can’t help myself and I do stupid stuff.

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