How many of you have access


I don’t drink wine.

Did i say wine?.

I meant gin.

I don’t drink alcohol.

Alcohol and drinking the alcohol is temptation from lucifer’s castles of lies.

I never killed anyone either.








eeeeevil (!!!)


We should meet up some day and try and enjoy a hike together while talking.


I don’t eat cockroaches.


That be great. My Facebook is pearlsandcs


Added you I think lol


Yeah you found me


I’m close to nashville


Now we got a small group of Tennesseans


My thoughts exactly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But up here in tha north only dem country ass tough hillbilly women who can beat ya ass if they wanted to shoots guns much. Meanwhile in the south it seems even cute and nice/sweet/friendly girls like @Cici2 have shot guns.

I have shot my friends gun although the bullets are tiny. Couldn’t kill anyone very easily. I wouldn’t want to own a gun but I’m happy to say I’ve shot one. Although it wasn’t that big of a deal I guess it gets crossed off the list of things to do in life…


Lol. Well I have shot guns and hunted but I’m also a TN girl


Hunting is not fun. It’s evil


I live in a area where you would be hard pressed to find a home without at least one firearm.
I have some in my home, all legal. I like deer meat. They are not so innocent when they are stealing from my garden. But the real reason I keep guns is for the feral hogs.

I know a place where you can buy your gas, gin, and guns all at the same store.


There is not much access to firearms in Australia where I live, and it is probably best if I don’t have one. They do fascinate me though, I find them very interesting from a somewhat nerdy point of view.


I don’t think I could own a firearm safely, I’d likely kill myself. My brother in law works in law enforcement so he has firearms. I’ve never used his firearms but I have shot a rifle before. I used to enjoy going to the river with a BB gun and shooting cans across the river with friends. I couldn’t trust myself with having my own firearm.


I used to go to summer camp there. I grew up in Franklin.