How many friends do you really have?

I’m not talking about facebook or computer friends, or family members. I’m talking about if you became very sick, how many people could you count on to take you to the ER ?

7, I think. I don’t really know. I’m a fairly friendly person and have made many friends along my path in life. The 7 would be current people that arn’t family.


A big fat zero.

I’m sorry to hear that FireMonkey, would you like to talk about it? If not I would understand.

Probably 6 or so in this town. The further away I go, the more it drops exponentially.

I can count the number of friends over 58 years on one hand. Social interaction difficulties are a long standing problem. Some of the time I can cope with my own company but other times it’s hard .
Although a part of me wants friends another part gets more anxious the closer people get to me.


mrs.sith…so one.
take care :alien:


I really only have 3, I’m fine with that.


I have a few. Too bad I have so much time on my hands. Each one thinks I either need, A. a job, B. sex, C. medication. It is a little bit funny. Some all of them. Oh and to move out on my own.

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I don’t feel like counting
That means a lot


I dont have any current friends - zero - this is what I want right now in my life.

I have a few family members, like my brother, father, a few cousins and Aunts that I can count on

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one, plus my provider and her husband who are “paid friends”. I have a faithful pen pal I used to live closer to.

When I have money I have all kinds of friends. I don’t think I could count on them to take me to the ER, but they might call an ambulance.

I can’t even wrap my head around people who have a bunch of friends they are always on the phone with or doing things with. Seems exhausting.

The truth is I never attempted to make friends. So zero.


My father thought a great way to quantify a person’s life was to base it on how many people show up for their funeral. 20 years later, I still haven’t decided if that’s true or not.

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Hello “alien99” ,

My Mother Died Of Cancer ,

She Thot Her Journal As She Was Sick Was Gonna Be Popular I Assume ,

NO ONE GAVE A ■■■■ … ,

So What Does That Say (???)

Don’t Even ANswer Tha Question I DONT CARE TONITE .

Not count family… that cuts it down… I have a pretty large and pretty close family.

So if the chips are down… and I’m crumbling… how many could I count on to take me to the hospital… I’d have to say 2. My Gf and my one returning friend.

Put family back into the picture…and the number rises a lot.

I have millions of friends technically, they really enjoy my company.

I just don’t know them yet, they are all over though im sure.

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