Friends... How many do you really have?

i have 2 good friends.

SOO how many friends do you really have?

9 close friends and the rest i dont count because i only see them in special occasions.

quite a few. i am friends with almost everyone in my street and have some wonderful friends on facebook. i wouldn’t say i’m a social animal but i have a drinking session coming up with an old friend soon. am quite looking forward to it!

i have two ( my wife ) and the dog, does the dog count ?, probably not !?!
take care

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1, my wife. Maybe her friend too, but we don’t actively hang out our anything, only when she comes over to hang out with my wife.

If you count family then I have a fair bit. I come from a very large family. Some of my family is very cool and understanding. Some of my family I’m not that fond of.

My kid sis side kick is my very best friend and I enjoy her company.

Non-family members… I have two. A friend I’ve known since I was 6 and due to a misunderstanding and life changes, we stopped hanging out around 17. Due to his kid sis and my kid sis, he’s come back into my life just recently.

My second is my plant killing neighbor. She and I have been getting closer and more friendly.

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IRL a big fat zero. I have had very few friends in 57 years.

I have none at present, I mean I have Facebook friends but apart from my dad I don’t see them in the physical reality, I’m making steps towards trying to make friends through doing courses but I tend to keep to myself and my social skills make me seem awkward and weird so I put people off, even though I actually want friends I’m judged very harshly before people give me the benefit of the doubt. I’m hoping if I don’t mess up the interview I’ll be doing a two year art course and will get to meet the same people consistently so will have a chance of making friends because they will get beyond the initial ‘omg she’s weird’ and give me a second chance because we will be in the same group over the two years. So fingers crossed… I’ll meet some people, I’m hoping I do anyway because despite I’m frightened of people, I’m desperately lonely.

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I would say that if you mean friends whom I actually see regularly, I would say five. I have five good reliable friends and many others whom are just friends and not exactly “bros” or whatever good friends whom I hangout with regularly are. I have a friend whom I met on this site, for example, he’s a good friend, but for every person like him or my long time friends from high school who I see in person and talk to quite often, I have a ton of acquaintances who I dont really see that regularly. I have some friends whom I don’t really want to see regularly too, keep in mind. If someone has what I consider a fundamental flaw which they consciously do not correct, I keep a little distance from them.

I have good social skills but dating is hard for me because I am too picky, I want people as smart and as attractive as me, which is quite an uncommon combination. I guess I am an elitist. If I don’t like someones occupation or living situation or substance use, I immediately regard them as garbage. Like this one girl who I dated last semester, she seemed too reserved but was smart and athletic, seemingly a keeper, but she just liked drinking and I am far past the days of drinking for fun, I maybe have one beer a week. This girl would get drunk and hinted that she wanted a guy to get drunk with her. Im on three medications, alcohol really should be avoided entirely in my case. After telling her that I just don’t drink on a date, she kissed me goodnight like usual and then never talked to me again.

I have dated plenty of people, but they all had huge flaws. One was schizotypal and had panic disorder, she was just no, i mentioned the athletic girl who liked being drunk, I dated a few guys, one doesnt go to school and is too low class for me, one was 32 and lives with his parents (thats just a dealbreaker) and one has a boyfriend, but I still see him in class and we make out in the bathroom after class.

I just subscribed to but everyone on there hasnt logged on in weeks. Sigh…

I don’t have any friends.

@darksith…trust me the dog does count…dogs have so much loyalty, they’ll stick by you when fairweather friends don’t.


a couple of acquaintances, a good friend I had a fallout with, and my husband who is my best friend of all


dogs are better than humans they dont talk or hate.
they certainly wont stab you in the back.


good friends somewhere around 10.

About two and a half.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I have had many friends over the years, and maybe seven or eight good friends that i’ve known for over ten years. However, I live a few thousand miles away from all of them now and I don’t have friends that I actively visit with, aside from my wife who is my best friend.

I’ve always been take-it-or-leave-it with friendships a lot of the time, and will spend long periods in solitude. This has made a lot of my friends very frustrated or angry with me over the years. I just don’t really seek that kind of contact most of the time.

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My dog is a good friend :dog: